Welcome to my homepage!


I am a zealous reader of statistical machine learning articles. I often express my thoughts in machine language.

I have been a postdoc researcher at the Cosmostat laboratory in CEA Paris-Saclay during 2017-2020, and the IAASARS of the National Observatory of Athens during 2012-2017.

My research interests are in the area of statistical signal processing and probabilistic machine learning with application to image processing, adaptive estimation and astrophysics.

To learn more, check out the research page, publication list and my CV.

You can also find me in Google Scholar, Linkedin and ORCiD.

Suggested reads

  • Machine Learning, A Bayesian and Optimization Perspective, book by Sergios Theodoridis.
  • Statistical Signal Processing: Detection, Estimation, and Time Series Analysis, book by Louis L. Scharf.